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EMS SPRING DRILL Operation Examples

Spring Drill Operation Example

Spring Drill/Slope Face Construction

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ 福島県 矢祭山
Yamatsuri-yama, Fukushima Prefecture

The ESD40Ⅱ's features can be made use of even when hindered by pine trees, like on this huge rocky mountain.

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ Enzan, Yamanashi Prefecture
Enzan, Yamanashi Prefecture

High performance in a small frame, the ESD40Ⅱ is easy to use in special construction methods.

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ Manazuru, Kanagawa Prefecture
Manazuru, Kanagawa Prefecture

The ESD40Ⅱ shows its abilities best at sites which require large-scale scaffolding.

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ Numata, Gunma Prefecture
Numata, Gunma Prefecture

This one was brought in to a site only accessible by a small-scale monorail, without any difficulty.

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ Takakura, Kanagawa Prefecture
Takakura, Kanagawa Prefecture

Even in places where it can't stand independently, with the ESD40Ⅱ, which has a double pipe excavation capability, you can expect good results.

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ Tomioka, Hyogo Prefecture
Tomioka, Hyogo Prefecture

Even in the limited space behind homes, there is plenty of room for the ESD40Ⅱ.

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ Shinyamashita, Kanagawa Prefecture
Shinyamashita, Kanagawa Prefecture

Even on sites right under residential land, the ease of placement and operation mean that safety and peace of mind are assured.

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ Okutama Area, Tokyo Prefecture
Okutama Area, Tokyo Prefecture

Installing the machine on a site high up in a forest. The light weight and small size show their true potential on such sites.

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ Shiratori, Gifu Prefecture
Shiratori, Gifu Prefecture

It can be brought right up to the face of a waterfall for operation. It's electric unit means it is also kind to nature.

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ Yaita, Tochigi Prefecture
Yaita, Tochigi Prefecture

This ESD40Ⅱ is positioned snugly in between a close packed cedar grove. Because of its light weight, it's easy to maneuver.

Operation Example ESD90Ⅱ Kuroho, Shizuoka Prefecture
Kuroho, Shizuoka Prefecture

Makes construction work possible even in the confined space of a forest road.

Operation Example ESD210 Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture
Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture

It shows its abilities best at sites which require large-scale scaffolding.

Operation Example ESD210 Musashi-kosugi, Kanagawa Prefecture
Musashi-kosugi, Kanagawa Prefecture

A good match for tight spots on the side of railway lines.

Operation Example ESD210 Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture
Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture

It can also bore large-diameter holes.

Spring Drill/Chemical Injection Work

Operation Example ESD40Ⅱ Shinagawa, Tokyo Prefecture
Shinagawa, Tokyo Prefecture

Installed in a tight space at the side of a supporting beam, the ESD40Ⅱ is suitable for urban environments too.

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