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Structure of spring-type drifter

An ultra-compact, lightweight, high-performance spring drill ideal for rock bolt construction and slope construction in high and narrow places. The rotational force of the hydraulic motor generates the rotation of the two blade-shape camshafts, pushing the related hammer backwards.

Two springs, one large and one small, are housed inside the hammer. Since the springs are pushed down in the direction of compression, they are released from the camshaft at a predetermined position, and at the same time, the striking energy is generated by the hammer's own weight and the reaction force of the spring compression.

The generated impact energy is transmitted to the bit at the tip through the rod, and able to drill the target such as bedrock.


Anchoring work:Before
Anchoring work:After

Anchoring work

Water removal work:Before
Water removal work:After

Water removal work

Construction site skills

・Thanks to the high output, it is possible to drill speedily into gravel layers and bedrocks and shorten the construction period.

・Our drifter can do many kind of works such anchoring for the purpose of preventing collapses and landslides, contributing actively to a sustainable development.

・The newly developed high power drifter (patented) generated by springs, performs 5 to 10 times the impact efficiency of conventional products.

・Newly developed low horsepower drifter is a compact, lightweight machine.

・The number of parts is very little, the structure is simple, the maintenance is easy.

Conventional technology
High impact force and high horsepower
Not compact
Structure is complicated
Many components
Maintenance difficult
New technology
High impact force and low horsepower
Compact and light
Structure is easy
Few components
Maintenance easy

Spring Drill Product List

Separate Type

The newest and lightest of the Ultralight ESD series is now here!


Newly developed Drifter, realizing ultra small scale measurements.


Realizing classless boring ability.


Effective excavating via evolved striking energy.


Flexible working range makes extensive boring possible.


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