Separate Type ESD40Ⅲ

Product Explanation

High output and dramatically reduced size are realized by our newly developed Drifter. Thanks to a weight reduction down to a total weight of around 1 ton, it is perfect for steep slopes, high places and tight spots.

Product Characteristics

  • ●Equipped with our Spring Drifter EDH30Ⅱ that upsets common wisdom on lightweight machines.
  • ●Centralizer with a range of up to 133mm.
  • ●Top hammer system with double pipe means that rock bolt and anchor drilling are possible.
  • ●Ultra light weight. The drill unit weighs 540kg while the power unit weighs only 540kg.

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Spring Drill

Separate Type

  • ESD 30
  • ESD 40Ⅲ
  • ESD 90Ⅱ
  • ESD 150
  • ESD 210Ⅱ

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